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  • April- "How GIS Can Help the Insurance Industry When Severe Weather Occurs", by Marcie Deffenbaugh, Haag Technical Services
  • March- Testing Application Standard (TAS) NO. 106 - Its Importance and Intended Use, By Aaron Duba, P.E., and John Ellis, P.E.
  • February- Understanding Earthquake Risk, by David Teasdale, P.E., Principal Engineer, VP of Engineering Services
  • January- Firensics--Haag's Fire Origin and Cause Experts, by Ed Roberts, Director of Fire Investigation Services
  • December- "Grain Explosion Evaluation- The Coshocton Grainery" by John Wlascinski, P.E., Principal Engineer
  • November-- "The Texas A&M Bonfire Collapse", By Jim D. Wiethorn, Ph.D., P.E., Principal Engineer
  • October-- "Titanic Movie Set Collapse" and "Assessing Hail Damage, Part 2: Hail Inspection Protocol"
  • September-- "10 Years of Haag Education's Haag Certified Inspector- Commercial Roofs Program" AND "Assessing Hail Damage: Issues with “Functional” vs “Cosmetic” Damage"
  • August-- "Haag Construction Consulting - 2nd Anniversary of the 2017 Hurricane Season (Harvey, Irma, Maria)," by Brandon Alaniz, HCC
  • July-- "Haag Helps Repair a Military Base in Iraq", by Daniel Behrens, P.E. 

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