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Haag Certified Inspector - Residential Roofs Certification Course

The HCI-R course was introduced to the industry back in 2007, and since then, Haag has certified 18,000 roof inspectors in the US and Canada. Now our industry changing HCI-R program is available to qualified individuals online!


Haag's online classes are the industry's best value for premier damage assessment training.  Now you can access the knowledge of experienced Haag Engineers at the convenience of your own schedule, from your home or office.  The curriculum for each course is developed by Haag engineers who specialize in a variety of consulting areas.  They incorporate high-level knowledge from Haag's rich 90+ year history, including findings developed in our Research/Testing laboratory as well as through thousands of field examinations.

Haag Certified Inspector 5-Year Renewal Courses

The Haag Certified Inspector-Commercial and Haag Certified Inspector-Residential Roofs 5-Year Renewal Courses satisfy Haag Education requirements for maintaining your HCI-Commercial Roof Certification in 5-year increments. Haag Certified Inspectors may choose to either attend an HCI classroom course (Register here) or to complete these on-line courses for their 5-year renewal (keeping in mind to also maintain active Certification annually by passing the review quiz on-line).

Continuing Education Credit

Courses and credits vary state to state. Find out more details here or in each course description in the course catalog.

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