October 2020 Blog Post

Haag Expands into Canada 

Haag Global is thrilled to announce that we have opened a Toronto, Ontario office to help us better serve our Canadian clients. Haag is known for its quality, innovation, and pursuit of excellence, often taking on complex and contentious high-profile projects that are challenging for even the most experienced of firms. 

Haag Canada, Inc., determines cause, quantum and mitigation of loss to help our clients make decisions with confidence. Our service areas are Forensic Engineering, Loss Remediation & Mitigation, Physical Damage Quantification & Appraisal, and Risk and Project Management. 

We look forward to serving our Canadian clients and growing our presence and reputation from coast-to-coast. Learn more at haagcanada.ca 

Meet Our Team of Experts in Toronto

Chris Giffin, B.A.Sc., P.Eng.

CEO, Haag Canada

As the leader of Haag Canada, Mr. Giffin is expanding Haag's presence and service offerings in Canada. Based in Toronto, Haag Canada's services include forensic engineering, loss remediation and mitigation, physical damage quantification, and risk and project management. Mr. Giffin, a Canadian industry leader in large loss forensic engineering, teamed up with Haag Global, the United States' oldest forensic engineering firm, to pursue his vision of a global firm with unbiased independence, depth of expertise, and breadth of expertise.

Mr. Giffin is a Professional Engineer, licensed in Ontario, with 32+ years of experience. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo, he began his career in 1988 as Consulting Forensic Engineer, eventually working his way up to President/CEO. In 2002, Mr. Giffin founded Giffin Koerth Forensic Engineering, which he grew and renamed 30 Forensic Engineering in 2016 and served as CEO/owner until June 2018. Under his leadership, 30 Forensic Engineering was recognized as one of Canada's largest and most respected independent multi-disciplinary forensic engineering firms. Chris’ firm focused almost exclusively on large loss files, with a staff of almost 100 employees.

"I am excited to bring Haag Engineering's depth and breadth of experience in complex, large loss forensic engineering to Canada as CEO of Haag Canada. Haag has a trusted reputation built on the scientific rigour, precision, and clarity with which it services clients. The demand is strong across Canada for unbiased, multi-specialized experts in the growing complex and large loss forensic engineering market. We’re here to answer this call and are confident Haag Canada will prove to be a vital resource for legal and insurance providers across the country. If you’re interested in learning more about the firm and our growth plan in Canada, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I would be happy to discuss." -- Chris Giffin, CEO, Haag Canada 

Sasa Dzekic, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Sr. Civil/Structural Engineer, Haag Canada

Sasa Dzekic's distinguished career spans over 30 years and began in Europe before his relocation to Canada in 1995. He brings with him a wealth of extensive industry experience accumulated while working on over 1,000 forensic engineering investigations specific to structural design many of which included loss remediation / mitigation. In the role of Sr. Civil/Structural Engineer, Sasa is an integral part of  Haag Canada  and is  a testament of the team's  qualified experts. We look forward to servicing our clients in Canada. 

Mr. Sasa Dzekic specializes in investigation and assessment of failures of buildings and structural systems, and/or their components, and evaluation of structural damage. Mr. Dzekic has conducted structural forensic investigation and assessment, preparation of reports, and expert testimony when required.  He has performed planning and on-site advice with respect to unsafe building conditions and demolition, including temporary measures for structural securing of the buildings. He has conducted structural analysis and design of concrete, steel, wood and masonry structures, review of drawings for building permit purposes, and field review during construction.

Peter Ostrowski, M.Sc., M.Eng., Ph.D., P.Eng.

Sr. Structural Engineer, Haag Canada 

Thoroughly understanding the high-level magnitude and low-level details that contribute to large loss cases is among our foremost talents at Haag Canada, and it’s seasoned engineers like Dr. Peter K. Ostrowski who reinforce our leadership role in the discipline. A structural engineer who specializes in steel structures, design of long span roofs, tall buildings, welding and design of special tools and lifting equipment, Peter brings tremendous experience to Haag’s forensic engineering services. Ostrowski offers particular expertise in structural engineering, nuclear systems, temporary structures in construction, piping support failures and industrial accidents (notably cranes and lifting equipment). He’s also trained as an Apparent Cause Evaluator, Root Cause Investigator and Welding Design Engineer.

Dr. Ostrowski is a designated consulting engineer with over 30 years of professional experience in civil, mechanical, welding, lifting, and the Canadian nuclear industry. He has spent 10 years involved with the design of steel tubular structures and has taught and presented throughout his career. Dr. Ostrowski’s areas of expertise include engineering management. As a forensic engineer, he has led apparent cause and root cause investigations related to transformer explosions and pump seal failures. He has performed design analysis on concrete, steel, aluminum, and timber structures. Dr. Ostrowski managed daily support work at a nuclear station, overseeing design work and managing all engineering activities.  

Patrick Foisey, CPI

Senior Building Envelope Expert & Appraiser 

The incidence of catastrophic events appears evermore common these days, which makes Patrick Foisey’s talent for response and damage assessment services all the more valued. As a senior inspection and property insurance appraisal professional he has provided support to the insurance industry in the wake of wildfires, tornados, ice storms, flooding and more. Regarded as a leading educator in the industry concerning issues around construction, inspections and pre/post-loss property appraisals, Patrick’s 30+ years of experience are a key strength on the Haag Canada team.

Mr. Foisey is the founder of Get It Inspected and is a senior inspection and property insurance appraisal professional, as well as an industry educator. He is an authority in exterior and interior inspections for commercial and residential properties. He is constantly expanding his knowledge of code upgrades, new national energy codes and building envelope emerging technologies. Mr. Foisey is an expert in catastrophe response for damage assessment and has supported the insurance industry since 1999 on over 19 catastrophes including wildfires, ice storms, tornados, overland flooding, and more.

Haag Canada:
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