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Single-Ply Roofs Damage Assessment Field Guide - PRINT VERSION

Haag Education presents the Single-Ply Roofs Damage Assessment Field Guide!

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Haag's Single-Ply Roofs Damage Assessment Field Guide is a must have for all flat roof damage assessor! 

What’s contained in this publication?

  • 100 photographs of single-ply roof systems in the field showing common problems and conditions encountered by inspectors
  • Descriptions to help inspectors identify the various types of single-ply membranes, including EPDM, PVC, and TPO
  • Tips for inspectors to determine how a roof membrane has been installed (mechanically-attached, adhered, or ballasted) and seamed (taped vs. heat-welded)
  • Information on tools available to determine single-ply membrane thickness
  • Examples of vegetative roof systems
  • Illustrated conditions are categorized by installation-related, manufacturing issues, weathering, hail, or wind-related
  • Hail damage examples and collateral indicators
  • Wind uplift and wind-driven debris damage examples
  • Glossary of terms associated with commercial single-ply roof membranes

Keep this guide on your desk as part of your essential reference library, or carry it in the field to aid in explaining your findings to others. The Single-Ply Roofs Damage Assessment Field Guide is written by expert Haag Engineers to help you identify and differentiate common conditions found in your roof inspections. And, it’s designed to be an easy, durable, on-the-go reference featuring large, color photos with detailed explanatory captions.