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Composition Roofs Damage Assessment Field Guide - PRINT VERSION

Haag's most popular book, now in a new and updated 2nd Edition!

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 Just released, the second edition of Haag's most popular field guide is packed with more information than ever before.

What’s new and improved in this latest edition? 
 More than 35 new photos and diagrams
  • New pages on shingle tabs which are not sealed (in both racking and straight-up patterns)
  • Hail damage thresholds to different roofing types as determined by Haag Research/Testing
  • A detailed explanation of wind uplift effects on  shingles
  • Roof diagraming info (to help you differentiate simulated damage from natural damage)
  • A step-by-step shingle insert repair pictoral
  • And more!

Keep this guide on your desk as part of your essential reference library, or carry it in the field to aid in explaining your findings to others. Just like the 1st Edition, Haag’s 2nd Edition Composition Field Guide is written by expert Haag Engineers to help you identify and differentiate common conditions found in field (from manufacturing, installation and weathering anomalies, to hail, wind and mechanical damage).  And, it’s designed to be an easy, durable, on-the-go reference featuring large, color photos with detailed explanatory captions.  

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