Haag Welcomes Jess MacMillan, P.E., Civil Engineer in Sacramento

Haag Welcomes Jess MacMillan, P.E., Civil Engineer in Sacramento

Haag Welcomes Brian Olivieri, Opens Connecticut Office!

Haag's new civil engineer, Brian Olivieri, serves Hartford, NYC, Boston

Haag Construction Consulting Expands its US Locations & Services

Haag Construction Consulting Expands its US Locations & Service Offerings

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Crane Accidents: Causes & Trends

Crane Accidents: Causes & Trends


A comprehensive analysis of over 500 crane accident causes and trends, 1983-2013, by Jim Wiethorn, P.E.

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New from Haag Engineering, Crane Accidents: A Study of Causes and Trends to Create a Safer Work Environment,  is a unprecedented, comprehensive look at over 500 crane accidents from 1983-2013. We provide an overview of causes and trends, and industry-specific analysis of accidents.  

The findings of Haag's Crane Group can be used to enable crane owners, users, manufacturers and standards committees to address problematic areas so that future risks can be reduced.  It is apparent from working with owners, users and manufacturers that the primary goal of all parties in the crane industry is to reduce such catastrophic events and protect workers. This study will provide valuable information to assist these same parties in their quest for a safer work place.  

By Jim Wiethorn, P.E., Chairman/Principal Engineer, and Haag's Crane Group

  • Comprehensive study of over 500 crane accidents from 1983-2013
  • Valuable data for owners, users, manufacturers, standards committees
  • Provides overall analysis of crane accident types and trends, plus industry-specific analysis
  • Industries:  Commercial Construction; Industrial/Manufacturing; Highway/Road & Bridge; Residential Construction; Marine; Logging/Arborists; Oil Field-Land Base; Oil Field-Offshore; and, Agricultural.
  • Evaluates current state of crane lift training and effects in the industry (ASME B30 standards)
  • Identifies problematic areas to reduce future risks and prevent catastrophic events
  • Available now, through Industrial Training International's Bookstore (here).
    Crane Accidents Study by Jim Wiethorn